Thursday, May 01, 2003

Moriah's Teeball

Moriah's Teeball Run on Vimeo

For a year or two, ALL I heard was "I want to play T-ball!" So, this
year, her first year of eligibility, I signed Moriah up to play.
After registration fees, new glove, new bat, 11" soft-core softballs
(which are very hard to find), shorts, size 10 cleats, and the dreaded fundraiser
candy ($40), we had spent somewhere around $150. But, our little
"precious angel" is worth every penny!

The first couple of weeks of practice were very exciting. All of those
little girls were learning to play ball. Moriah, however, let out with a
statement that made my heart fall to the ground. "Momma, I don't like
T-ball! It's not fun anymore!" It's a good thing I didn't immediately
pick up my heart, because I had to listen to this same statement well into the

She didn't seem to notice that she had not made it to first base yet. She
would always laugh and say "Do I get my snow cone now?" But, she just had
to get on base at least once this year, even if just for my sanity! "Mom,
I don't like T-ball. IT's NOT FUN!" All the while, I was telling her "if
you don't like it you don't have to play next year....but you are finishing
this season!!!!!!!"

Since Moriah didn't start walking until she was 18 months old, she has
never been in much of a hurry.....about anything!!!! After all, the base will
still be there when I skip all the way down the baseline and scatter the
carefully placed chalkline all over the place!!!!!!

With each and every game, first base got a little closer. Then, it looked
like she would get on the base! How exciting? This was it! She hit the
ball (WHACK!!)! Wow! From where did that come? That was a good hit!
Run, baby, run! Skip, skip, giggle, giggle, skip, skip. I on the other hand
was unaware that you could actually put dents in a galvanized steel fence post
while down on your knees screaming, "Run, please run, run, run, baby,
Giggle giggle, skip to my loo! The coach all the time running along the baseline, hands folded in prayer, "come on honey, run, run, come one Moriah!" Then, remembering the rule, if a coach touches a player on the field, they're out! I start yelling, "don't touch her, don't touch her!"
All to no avail, all the excitement, skipping, and giggling were too much.
One of the other team members tagged my baby out! After the game I asked
the coach of the other team, would it kill you to get her out at second.
Just first base, that's all I ask!

Then, the next game she made it to first base. Wow! The next game she
made it to second. Then, another game and another base. Not so bad, she might
make it back to home before the end of the season. You think, could that
be possible?

Last night, with 3 games left in the season, bottom of the last inning,
and 2 outs, Moriah is up to bat. The coaches are both snickering and some of
the fans of the other team were as well. What was this all about? Then,
Moriah hits the ball and makes it to 1st base. Yea!!!!! Then, 2 more batters
and all of a sudden (boom!) she is on third! Precious Angels are down by 1.
If she makes it home, we tie the game. Closest thing to a victory that we
have had all year! Deja gets up to bat, hits the ball, and Moriah takes off
running (for the dugout). "No, no, honey go the other way. Run to home,
run to home!" Even the coaches from the other team were yelling "Run
Moriah Run." So, she does. But, it was too late!!! She was OUT! Her coach, a
big encourager, was waiting at homeplate and said, "Come on baby, go ahead
and touch home." So, she keeps on running and with her MORIAH-ONLY
signature base tagging technique (similar to a horse when it learns to
count with it's hoof), she tags home. The coach hugs her neck, the fans stood
up and cheered (on both sides), as well as the other team's coaches. It was
truly a Moriah game, she had decided that T-ball was fun and she wanted to

After the game, her coach walks up to her and says "Hey Moriah! Knock!
Knock!" She shakes her head no. I asked if she had been telling him her
"Knock Knock" jokes. He said that every time she got up at the plate she
was telling he and the umpire jokes. Hence, the laughter of all that were
within earshot of homeplate! That's my girl!

We have 2 more games (and 2 more chances for her to score). If she
doesn't score, no big deal. The important thing is having fun and "T-ball IS