Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Voting Age in Perry County

I took the kids with me yesterday to vote in the primary. It was mostly local races and I really didn't know any of the candidates but keeping with the democratic spirit I voted any way. I figure if I let God lead me I won't vote for the wrong person. But yesterday, He provided me with a little extra help.

I pulled into the polling place and rolled down the windows in the SUV so that the kids would not suffocate in the oven. It was 90 degrees outside. I should have taken them in with me but it would be embarrassing to be asked to leave.

I was next in line to vote when I heard screams coming from the distant. I turned to my vehicle only to see Moriah sitting in the "way back" and Luke in his car seat. This can only mean one thing...............she moves faster than sound! I ran to see what was wrong. "I pretend hit him." ??????????????? My response? I said nothing. How do you pretend hit someone and make them wail loud enough for the whole town to hear. People were staring as they filed in robbing me of my "next" status. She stayed in the vehicle and I could hear her crying but not loudly. I felt really bad for just a second and then I realized that she was only "pretend" crying. So, I went on.

I took Luke in with me. I had lost my place in line. ARGGHHHH!!!! All of the ladies working the election were making over Luke's curls. He acted shy but I knew he was soaking all of it in.

As my time approached, I had to let him walk. He was very careful not to throw a fit in front of these nice ladies that had given him their utmost attention. I walked over to my voting machine and begin the process.

I didn't know any of these people but I knew which ones had actually asked me to vote for them. I carefully touched the boxes of the candidates that I believed that I needed to vote for. Luke comes up beside me and with that little pudgy finger reaches up and votes for some lady. I told him no. The election official asked me if I needed to change anything I could do it at the end. I told her that I believed that it was OK.

I figured since I don't know any of them anyway. Luke's guess was as good as mine. And, children seem to have a 6th sense about people. Maybe Luke was using his gift of discernment. I let it be.

In that particular race, the lady that Luke voted for won with 68% of the votes. Way to go Luke!!! Perhaps I should take him with me in November. I am really going to need some extra help on the presidential race.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wonder what that Farmer Did?

I remember as a kid having the See'n'say that played the farm animal noises. It was as big as a bicycle tire and had a pull-string. It was tons of fun!
I went to buy Luke one and couldn't believe how small it was. It has more animal sounds and plays 2 songs (Old McDonald and Farmer's in the Dell). Not to mention, it has a handle that you pull instead of the string.
For a year or two, it laid in the toy box not being touched. However, it has recently been rediscovered.
Last night as I sat watching TV, Luke walks up to me with the sweetest little smile on his face, flinging curls around everywhere as he danced to the music of his See'N'Say. He sat down beside me and sang "The Farmer's in the jail. The Farmer's in the jail. Hi-Ho the Dairy-O. The Farmer's in the jail."
Wonder what happened there?