Thursday, December 13, 2007


If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make any noise?
If a tree falls in the living room and there is no one there except a two year old, did he knock it over?
Two weeks ago as I put the tree up and started decorating it, with the little guy around my feet saying "I have a turn" (meaning that he wants to help), I said to the tree "Will we make it through Christmas?"
Of course the tree didn't answer. But, if it could have, the answer would have been "Quick! Put me back in the box, I don't want to die."
I wrapped all of the presents and placed them neatly under the tree. Some of them I have wrapped twice since then. It looked so pretty.
Last night, I hear a slight noise that seemed a bit out of the ordinary. By that I mean, it wasn't a crash. Then, my little Luke comes running to the den yelling "Tree! Fall!"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Word for the Day: Custody

Sunday, after having been gone to Kingston for Thanksgiving, Moriah sat in her room and played with her Barbies. They were all sitting around in her room like some sort of beauty queen convention. They were even seperated into social groups; you know, The Malibu Group, The Fairytopia Group, The Superhero Group, and the Social Outcasts (the ones whose origin cannot be established any longer or they aren't really Barbies at all). Ken was there too. He always hangs out with the girls.

A Barbie convention all by itself would not be too stressful or devastating. It was the apparent cyclone that had accompanied the convention. I expressed my concern in a calm manner over the obvious natural disaster that had struck because we had just arrived home that afternoon and it would not have been possible for ALL of those things to have been dragged out of the closets and strewn about the room. There could only be one of two explanations: natural disaster or "we've been robbed." And, since none of our stuff appears to have been "jack'd," it has to have been a twister.

Moriah has never been one to comprehend the whole "Clean your room!" concept. We usually try to approach it with baby steps; one small event at a time until the room is straight. While this usually works, it takes too long and doesn't fill my need for instant gratification.

I explained to Moriah that if her dolls were not out of the floor by morning she would most definitely lose custody of them. "What is custody?" I explained to her in elementary terms what custody meant and proceeded to give her a lesson in the antics of social services when we don't care for the blessings that God has given us. Followed by a reiteration of the definition of "foster care."

Monday morning, she had forgotten all of this. Had she not listened!? Am I shouting (not actually shouting, I wouldn't do that **bashful grin with my fingernail in my teeth**) into the wind? It sadden me deeply. But, I had to stick to my guns! No more spinelessness. I went into her room and got down on my knees.

One by one, I gathered their helpless little bodies into my arms. Some were clothed with swimsuits, some fully clothed, others tops and no bottoms and vice versa, and still others were completely naked. And, then.....bless his heart, there is Ken! There were 20 gathered in my arms. Twenty? Is that all!?!! How could that be? There must be more somewhere in the muck! Nope! The rest was mere aftermath of the storm. There were two small "Kelly" dolls on the floor still....but come on, I'm not totally heartless; even the Mormons left the small ones at Mountain Meadows.

Last night, I walked in Moriah's room. She had misplaced her progress reports that had to be returned to school. Is it any wonder? I started to help her look for them and then I stopped. "Moriah, I specifically remember telling you that I was done cleaning your room for you all by myself!" This was followed by a lecture on how we had only been home from Thanksgiving for 3 days and she was already growing mold and losing things in her room. There wasn't even a blank spot where the Barbies once lay!

She found the progress reports and as I signed them I started talking about the conversation of Sunday night about "Custody" and "Foster Care." She claims to recall something about it. I asked her where her Barbies were. She retorted, "In the drawers...where they belong!" That little head shake that she has acquired somewhere over the past four years! ARGHHH!!!!
"Are you sure?" I asked. "YES!" Ohmigosh! More head shaking...this time with a snarl!
I questioned how the Barbies could be in the drawers where they belonged when most of the drawers were scattered around the room.

She ran to her closet! Oh! The deafening sound of plastic and glass breaking and metal bending as it is trampled under feet. Could it be? Had Mom actually finally flipped her lid and threw her stuff away? I witnessed the oncoming birth of an attitude which was quickly aborted by the reminder of the word "CUSTODY!"

"Why? why? why? They are my family! I take care of them! They have no one but me!" By the way, that is not an embellished statement! She actually said that to me!!!! Just what are Hannah Montana and Drake and Josh covering in their story lines these days? Where does this stuff come from? You can't make that up! That came from the heart.

But, it was too late. Cruella had struck. The puppies were gone!

"When we are entrusted with caring for things, such as family, and we fail to do so. Sometimes, when it gets really really bad, someone comes in and takes them away. They aren't gone. They have gone to live in a safe place until we get our ACTS together. Your beloved family has been gone for 3 days and you didn't even notice."

"Acts? What acts?" I'm so glad she asked because it's been so long since I was able to exercise my social work skills. I continued.............

"Sometimes one must attend classes that teach us how to care for our entrusted ones. Sometimes we must merely clean up our environment. Once it has been approved by the court, then and only then, can our beloved ones be returned to us." Amen! So it has been said, so, it shall be done!

Throughout the night, I heard crying. Not just crying. Crying isn't a strong enough word but I'm not sure what the Hebrew word for 'whimpering that gradually progresses into crying out to the mountains to fall on you while pulling the hair and gnashing the teeth' actually is. That would be a more accurate description of the emotions that were oozing under the door to her room. So, thank you King James for simplifying things like....crying.

It was hard on me. I won't go as far as to say it was harder on me than it was on her; but it was hard nonetheless and started getting annoying after a few hours (okay, that was a little heartless).

This morning, I arose from my slumber. I walked into her room. Much to my astonishment, there is carpet in her room! The sun was shining. The birds were singing. The flowers were blooming. It was there for the whole world to see! Gosh bess 'er! (That is borrowed from Luke's prayers.) I have no idea where all of that "stuff" went. I know that the investigators will discover it before the children are returned. After the court approves, they will come back home and another social tragedy will have been diverted. You know, until the next time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

As I sit here taking a break from the preparation for the trip over the river and through the woods, I think of my morning. I have washed 4 loads of clothes, dried 3, and put away 2 of them. I have packed 2 suitcases of clothes for the kids (hopefully, John and I will have some packed by the end of the day. I have picked up all toys in the family room and put them in their appropriate rooms (not necessarily in their appropriate places in said rooms but I am hopeful that they will make it their eventually). I have located the little treasure chest that Dr. Willis gave Moriah to put her baby teeth in when she loses them........................empty. I need to vacuum and there is popcorn and more than likely baby teeth in the floor. Luke is running around the house playing the tamborine and chanting. I took the kids suitcases out and load them in the vehicle. I fed the turtle and checked on the dog. I fed Luke his usual dose of "chick." Loaded and started the dishwasher due to noticing that the last load of clothes had finished the last cycle.

As I sit here taking a breath from the realization that I have been busy this morning, I think of the blessings that I have to be thankful for (this is, of course, a short list of the many). I am thankful for a washer and dryer that works (and the spare of each that is in storage because this house came with a washer and dryer). I am thankful for both warm clothes and warm weather clothes and enough closet space for all of it. I am thankful for children to pack for and family to go visit on holidays. I am thankful for a loving (most of the time) husband that is healthy, strong, can do anything and has a good job. I am thankful for healthy kids that feel like playing with every toy they have and had rather play with them in the den with mom and dad than in their rooms by themselves. I am thankful for my vacuum cleaner and the new found ability to realize that they are just teeth and it isn't necessary to keep them for all eternity so if they are gone they are gone and stress isn't worth it (it took a 2 year old to teach me that).....I am thankful for the towel that cleaned up the water from the expedition to determine whether or not it is possible to empty the refrigerator water dispenser. I am blessed by the realization that the chanting is actually prayer of "Gosh bless Momma, Daddy, Nanna, Papa, Mam, Paw, Yi-Yah.........." I am thankful for a vehicle filled with gas (for a few miles anyway) to make the trek over the river and through the woods (in our case this is a literal description). I am thankful for a pet small enough that it can make the trip with us or resilient enough to not eat for a day or two. I am thankful for automatic dog feeders and waterers. I am thankful for food in the fridge, a dishwasher, dishes, and dishwasher tabs. For if I lacked one of these items in this day, I would be unable to sit here on the computer (also very thankful for) and take a break.

I know you all have billions of things to be thankful for this time of year. Hopefully, you are constantly reminded of the little things as well as the big. Love to you all and enjoy this time with friends and family even if it is just in thought of days gone by. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Moriah and Luke at AWANA Clubs

These are pix of Moriah with her AWANA group the night she finished her Book 1. And, Luke being Luke in Puggles.

The One (or Two) that Got Away!?!?!?!

Last week (or a few weeks ago, I'm not sure because time runs together on me now), John went bow hunting and he called me and told me he had just shot a buck. He looked and looked and looked and never found the deer. He had the Supt and a few others out helping him look for it. He had given up, thought he might have missed it.
Then, he went out again and found the carcus of the deer with nothing left but the antlers and bones. I asked how do you know it was the one you shot. Of course, he recognized the rack and then there was the whole retrieval of his arrow from the rotting corpse. I told him you know, circle of life, yadda yadda and so on and so on. At least the animals of God's kingdom had a feast.
Again yesterday, he calls me and says, "I just shot a big deer that made the other one look like a dwarf. It has the biggest rack I have ever seen." I was at my parents with the kids and we all got a little excited. This was fairly early in the day so surely, this time he would find the deer right. I called back a few hours later; he was looking for it. He had someone helping him. Then again, a few more hours passed; still looking. I called a third time; he had given up the search. I was a little irritated by this. "Why did you give up? It isn't dark yet." He told me it did no good to keep walking and walking over the same terrain with no signs whatsoever.
"Are you sure that you shot it?" He assured me he knows he shot it. "Did you have your glasses on?" No, but he had his contacts in. "Did you have new contacts or those old ones that I painted the little bucks on as a cruel joke?" We must have lost cell signal at this point; I'm sure he wouldn't have hung up on me.
I got home and he seemed a bit distraught. I looked at him and said, "This is twice that you have used this story. So, next time you call me and tell me you just shot a deer with a BIG OL' RACK, there best be either a freezer full of meat when I get home or a dead Hooter's waitress strapped to the hood of your truck."

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Luke Increases His Vocabulary, Part 2

Here it is 5 days later, Luke is still "Buttface"-ing. However, it lost some of the humor when John walked in the door and Luke proudly proclaimed, "Hey Buttface!" He is sneaky about it. He will be talking to you and slip it in and go on like nothing has happened. By the time you realize it, he's on to something else and you didn't even get a chance to say, "No!"

Monday, November 05, 2007

Feeling the Heat!!!

Normally on a Friday night we would be at a football game. This week, thankfully, our game was on Thursday night. The kids were wound up because their grandparents were here. John was preparing to go bow hunting the next morning. I started a load of laundry because their was an essential garment that John needed to go hunting.

I went to the linen closet to get a sheet for the airbed that John's parents were sleeping on. It smelled of burning plastic in the closet where by no coincidence the breaker box is located. I called John without drawing attention to it (because it goes without saying that Moriah will panic). John got his dad and they both agreed that it needed attention but they both thought it would be okay until morning. We all went to bed.

About 11:30, Moriah comes in huffing and puffing. Not the huffing and puffing that comes after running a marathon (like I would know what that was like)but the huff and puff of a bad dream or something serious was coming down. "Moriah, What's wrong?" "Mom, we don't have electricity."

I woke John up. "I'll check it in the morning, go to bed." HUH?!?!? I thought to myself. I was in a stupor from being awakened; but I just lay there stewing over his lack of concern as the aroma of burning plastic fills the house and now, we HAVE NO ELECTRICITY. I'm fairly sure that visions of big white-tailed bucks danced in his head. I got up to take care of some business that otherwise would have waited until morning.

I walked by the linen closet on my way to the room where you take care of such business. The smell of burning plastic had become somewhat stronger. I again woke John up. "I really wish you would reconsider waiting until morning to check out the breaker box thing."

Reluctantly, he drug himself out of bed and came into the hallway. Oh, by the way, we still have no electricity. He stumbles through the dark and feels of the breaker box. It was hot. anyone else surprised by this revelation? Now, he stumbles through the house to get his flashlight. Then, we have to locate a flat-head screwdriver. He takes the cover off of the breaker box and lo and behold, there was evidence of a fire that once burned. I asked John if he now wanted me to wake his dad (sidebar: his dad is an electrician). So, I did.

Mr. Fultz was asleep in Moriah's room. It was in it's normal condition. He managed to make the trek to the hallway without tripping and breaking any toes or such. John and his dad managed to rewire some breakers and get electricity for the rest of the night. During the ordeal, John's mom announced, "Something is on fire!" "No, it isn't!" "Yes, it is. I smell plastic burning." Thanks, Mom!!!! Moriah is huffing and puffing uncontrollably again. It's an understandable response if you recall her light switch catching on fire a few years back.

John crawled up in the attic and checked for the nice autumn glow that would usually accompany fire in the walls. It was determined that all was safe. We all went back to bed and slept soundly all night. Oh yeah, right!

Saturday morning, it was determined that the washer, dryer, and freezer were all on the same breaker. They were all running at the same time. This is not an uncommon occurrence. But, while I was doing laundry, someone had started a load of dishes in the dishwasher. I told John that I was fairly certain that this was a message from God that I wasn't supposed to do housework anymore.

I don't think he bought it!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Luke Increases His Vocabulary

Tonight, while at the football game, one of our flag girls told their instructor who was bent over, I didn't really want your butt in my face. She said, "Well, don't bend over. It's not like I've got eyes back there that I can see who's behind me." The girl said, "No, I guess you don't....or do you?" I said, "If she did, it would give a whole new meaning to the term..'buttface.'" ARGGGHHHHH!!!!!

I knew better. It's just been so long since I had to watch what I say in front of a child. From that point on, Luke has called everyone that he sees "Buttface."

"Hey! Buttface! Go Buttface! Buttface face. Butt Buttface. In the pressbox at halftime, "BUTTFACE!!!" "BUTTFACE BAND" All night long, "Momma Buttface. Yiyah Buttface." Again, ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Oh well, maybe he will sleep it off tonight. My luck though..............probably not!

How Rude!?!?!?!?!

Tonight, we played Harding Academy here in Perryville. It was Senior night. The last high school football game for the seniors. Harding brought their band. The director said that their show was only going to take a few minutes. A few minutes turned into 8 or 10. Our band didn't get to complete their show because of this. They had a percussion feature and one more tune to play that they didn't get to do. Normally, the clockkeeper can stop the clock and sneak a few seconds here and there. Not tonight, the officials actually walked out onto the 50 yard line and stood while our band was performing. If you are performing and the clock runs down to zero, your team gets a penalty. Our senior drummers had parents there that didn't get to see their feature.

And, if that isn't bad enough, as soon as halftime was over. The Harding Band loaded their bus and left. So, pretty much, let's show up late, ruin senior night, and go home. Just my opinion, I think that is rude and disrespectful....especially since next year....we go there!!!! Maybe we can do our entire performance and let them see the percussion feature that they missed tonight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's a MIRACLE!!!!!

Recently, Luke began Puggles at Perryville FBC. In case you didn't know, Puggles is a group in AWANA Clubs for 2-3 year-olds. They have these cutsie little T-shirt uniforms that are baby blue with navy trim. The shirt has a platypus coming from behind the word "Puggles" on the front. It looks great with Navy blue shorts, bright blue eyes, and lots of blond curls.

A few weeks ago, I washed the shirt. As I was taking it out of the washing machine I saw some spots on it. I pulled it out. Mildew stains!!!! All over the front of it!! It had been in the bottom of the laundry basket and wet washcloths were thrown on top of it.

Since that day, I have tried everything from Borax to Hydrogen Peroxide; color safe bleach to vinegar; and other various products. I have tried combinations of the aforementioned products as well; all to no avail. I have spent well over the cost of a new shirt trying to get the stain out. All I have managed to accomplish is the stains are now grey instead of black and one tiny minuscule spot that was not even stained is now white.

I went ahead and let him wear it Sunday night. I had explained to the leaders what had happened. They were very encouraging stating "there will be worse stains than that on it by the end of the year." That may very well be; but, those will be earned stains that Luke made while he was learning about God.

In all of this, you may ask, "Where is the miracle?" As I stand in the bathroom gathering dirty clothes for washing, I look at the pile of washcloths on the side of the tub and the dirty clothes of a 10 year old girl that lay beside an almost completely empty laundry basket(hey, her dad is a band director; not a coach!). All of a sudden, it hits me. "Hey! Luke put his shirt in the dirty clothes!!!!!"

You see God performs little miracles everyday and His wonders never cease!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Luke is in AWANA Puggles here. It is really cute. There are 3 little 2-3 year olds and they learn about light, clouds, trees, flowers, and different things that God made. They ask the children, "Who made the flowers?" The little boys don't usually answer but the little girl always says "God." If we ask Luke at home, "Who made the trees?" his normal anwer is "I dunno" with that sweet little smile.
This morning, Luke and I were watching Dora the Explorer and she was in outer space. She asks "Do you see the turtle constellation?" Luke's patented answer, "No!" "Do you see the chicken constellation?" "No!"
Luke points at the TV and says "Moon, Momma!"
I answered, "Yes Luke! Who made the Moon and Stars?" He looks at me with that sweet smile and proudly proclaims, "Josh!"
"Yes Luke! God made the moon and stars."
Moments pass. "Luke, who is Josh?"
"I dunno."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I plead insanity!!!

The only thing keeping me sane is that I think daily that I'm insane. Since a crazy person is incapable of having the rationale necessary to realize they are insane, I must still be sane. Yeah! That's it! I'm not as nuts after all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've Got the Golden Tickets!!!!

There has been a lot of hype about this Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert in NLR on December 1. I don't see what the big deal is myself. I would have been one of those parents waiting in line that really didn't know who it was I was buying tickets to see.
I know she is Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter. I know that he is just a poor ol' boy from Flat Woods, KY. I know that because when Achy Break Heart was out that is how he always introduced himself.
Moriah wanted to go and tickets were $700 before the tickets actually went on sale. People waited in line, there was a big ordeal. Tickets were limited to 4 per person and the concert sold out in 30 minutes. They actually told people there would be no advantage to going to the arena. "If you have internet access, stay in the comforts of your own home and buy your tickets."
I was out of town on the morning that the tickets went on sale. I had luckily cued in on the anticipated hype of the tickets; I asked John if he would get online to get tickets. We have the fastest internet available and that was good for upper level tickets. It wasn't what I was hoping. But, after talking to friends and realizing that not everybody got tickets (even those who were on the internet), I was happy that we had tickets.
All I know is that now, I could sell these tickets for $400-$600 a ticket and then turn around and buy tickets for the same concert in Bossier City, LA for $150 a piece. Or, I could have done what the guy in Houston, TX did. He bought 4 tickets. Sold 2 of them for twice face value and now he takes his daughter to the concert for free. Or, for $15 a ticket I could take Luke to see the Doodlebops and sit in the same seat!!!!
I hope Moriah enjoys the concert. I guess we can take John's binoculars so we can see Hannah/Miley. It is important to remember, this is Moriah's money and this is how she chose to spend it. It is important to HER to go to this concert.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We won't have it!!!!

Moriah's new school has the Pinnacle Internet Viewer where parents can track their child's progress or lack there of and be sent notices about their child's grades, etc. I was so excited about this that I put to receive reports daily. After 2 weeks, I decided that weekly reports were sufficient; unless her grades fall below a certain point.
Yesterday, we reached that point. I received a report about her Social Studies grade. So, when she came home from school, "So, Dear, how was your day?" and all of the daily rituals we go through. I asked, "How's your grade in Social Studies?" She seemed a bit taken back. "It's fine," was her response. "Well, Babe, I got a notice from the school about your grade in Social Studies."

"WHAT?".........."This won't happen again!" she storms to her room and shuts the door.

A few moments later............"Did they email you? That is so wrong!"

Later on in the afternoon, "When I get to school tomorrow, I'm going to have a talk with them about this emailing you my grades. It needs to stop. I will tell you my grades. They don't need to be telling you my business. This will not happen again!"

How funny!!!! I love Pinnacle.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Importance of the letter R in Cactus

I love Luke!!!! He is so cute. We went out to eat after church yesterday. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Morrilton. They were decorated with southwest paintings and such. In several of the paintings were Cacti. You know, the tall ones like you see in the desert. Luke is under the impression they resemble green forks.

We were sitting in the restaurant enjoying our lunch with the rest of the Sunday after-church crowd. Luke screams out, "Momma, Fok! Momma, Fok!" Oh my!!!! We tried to go right along with him, "Yes Luke! It looks like a fork!" To which he laughed and screamed louder. "FOK! FOK! FOK! FOK!" We gave up and started answering with "Cactus! Luke it is a cactus!" He kept this up by yelling it 3 or 4 more times before we managed to get out of the restaurant. Far, far away from anything that resembled a cactus or a fork!

Montana Mania

If you have a young daughter; then, no doubt you have also heard of Hannah Montana. My daughter is just in love with her. She is the coolest!!!! And, if you don't have a young daughter, Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus. Does that last name look familiar? Yes, she is the daughter of Billy Ray. I have been informed recently about the Cyrus family if I didn't have enough; useless knowledge crammed in my head.

Well, lo and behold, guess who is coming to Alltel Arena? Everybody who is anybody is going!!! So I'm told. I got online to see about tickets. Tickets have not officially gone on sale yet. I signed up to get an update about ticket information. There are some tickets for sale out there. I found some for $700 a piece?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Excuse Me!!!!! I don't think so. I showed it to Moriah. She got all excited. "Can we go? Can we go?"
"No, not at that price!"
"Is that a lot?"
"Uhhhhh! That would break my achy breaky checkbook!"
We are waiting until they go on sale where we can get a reasonably priced ticket.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A Pleasant Memory!

Something happened this morning that reminded me of a time when I was a child.

It is a cool very pleasant morning. Quiet. Moriah and John have left for school. Luke is still in bed. I was out in the garage (door still up) doing a load of laundry before it got so hot! I heard squawking. I sat the laundry basket down and went to the opening of the garage and just stood and watched. When I was young, I so enjoyed in the Fall when the geese would fly over headed South. I loved watching them; their formation, their noise. It was exciting in a way.

For the last six years, I have lived in places where geese congregated all year long. I loved seeing them and they often flew around town in their formations and trumpeting (more like saxophoning). But, I guess you just learn to take the little things like that for granted. It was good to be reminded of how great God really is!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Something New!

Well, I haven't had to be jump started in front of the school anymore; but, Moriah held out for the riding the bus option. She started yesterday. It's 2 blocks to the corner where she catches the bus. There are 5 little girls in our neighborhood and they all ride the bus. Moriah has been itching to ride the bus anyway and the embarassment of all embarassments happened and that just caused a rash.

She has never riden a bus to anywhere except band trips. It was really hard...............for us! John said he almost cried when she got out of his truck at the corner. Yes, she rides 2 blocks in the truck with Daddy. She walks home in the afternoon.

The 2 of the little girls that live across the street came over to play today. It was nice. Not since we were in Atlanta has Moriah had neighborhood friends to play with. John is even psyched about it. Tonight, we are putting up the air hockey table.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Perryville Band 07 in the Fair Parade

We just got home from the Perry County Fair Parade. Luke was all hyped up about all of the candy he was going to get. Then, the first piece of candy that flew his way hit him right smack in the middle of the forehead. He was done. It was John's debut performance as the PHS band director.

Paranoid--as performed by the Mustang Band

Mustand Band 07 from Fultz N' It and Vimeo.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pix of the First Day of School in Perryville.

Moriah on the first day of school! The sign in front of the Perryville Elem. Luke chillin'

Aw, Mom!

Well, it happened to Moriah today. That thing that all kids fear. Momma came to school and embarrassed her royally.

Perryville Elementary School has a finely tuned system of picking up kids in front of the school. It works well. It is similar to what they attempted to do at Atlanta Primary but most people actually participate fully without venturing away from the process.

The thing is you have to get there early or your child has to wait and Moriah doesn't like to wait; especially when it is 100 degrees outside (and who can blame her).

So, Luke and I start the "leaving the house" process at 2:45. The school is about 4 blocks away. We get there at 2:50. I let the motor run for about 5 minutes to cool the vehicle down. Then, so as to not waste the precious gasoline. I turn the motor off; not realizing that the lights are on.

I sat there in the parking lot of the elementary school for 10 minutes with all of the windows down. There was a cool breeze (as cool as it can be when it is 100 degrees)blowing. It was bearable. I am abou 5th in the endless line of waiting parents. At 3:10 the bell rings, I turn and look at Luke and said "Let's fire this puppy up so it will be cool when Sissy gets in!" Luke, of course, says "NO!"

I reached and turned the key. Wha, wha, wha. "Uh-uh!" Luke or I one said that. I'm not sure which. I ran up, leaving Luke in the car (windows were all down remember), to the "head usher" (for lack of a better term)and said "I have a problem." She looked scared, I guess I probably did too.

I'm new in this town. I just want to fit in. I don't want to draw attention to myself. I just want to live life and blend. So, hear I am, #5 in line at Moriah's new school, in this huge "bus" called the Sequoia............not blending!!!!

I told the lady what I had done. She said, "No, you didn't. This does not happen." I asked if there was somebody that could jump start me. She asked if I could go to the office and tell them to call someone to help me. What??!!!! That will take like forever (is what I was thinking). But, I ran up the steps to the office. Again, Luke is still in the Sequoia (uh, windows still down).

I explained my situation as rapidly as I could. I knew pandomonium was going to break out when that 4th child got in the car and I was not moving. Not to mention, I knew Luke would be screaming when I got back. The secretary turns to the principal, Mr. Magee (whom I have never met but I recognized him because John told me he reminded him of Kirby McCord--if you don't know Kirby too bad...he's a nice guy). They called the maintenance guy.

When I got back to the vehicle, Luke was NOT crying (yea!). One less thing I have to deal with. They ladies loading the children went to get Moriah and put her in the car. She inquired as to what was happening. When I explained it to her, she said, "If you EVER do this again, I will ride the bus from now on." Gee....thanks Moriah....I knew you would understand Mom is having a difficult day.

Tony the nice maintenance man shows up with his power booster. I had jumper cables but this actually worked out better because we got out sooner. While Tony is hooking up his box, Mr. Magee says, "Tony, this is the band director's wife." Now, remember, I had never met Mr. Magee. Tony looks at me grins and rolls his eyes.

After apologizes a gazillion times and then thanking them another gazillion. Mr. Magee stopped the massive flow of traffic to let me back out and go on my merry way. Moriah wouldn't look at me all the way home. The nerve......embarrassing her at her new school, and on the first week too.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

You Can't Take It With You....Thank God!

As we have completed our move but still not totally settled, I spoke with my brother on the phone yesterday about the entire moving experience. My brother and his family moved in October, my parents in May, and our little family unit in June.

I was sharing with my brother about a rebellious Moriah moment that my daughter had. She announced to her dad, "Mom hates it here too!"

I joined in, "No I don't!"

"You said you didn't want to move."

"I didn't want to move. But, I like living here."

We haven't really been here long enough to like or dislike it. It is more like being 'content' with where God has placed you. The unknown is a little scary and I don't particularly care for the changing churchs. The part where you can start over, make more friends, keep in touch with old ones, redecorate (!!!!) is nice and fun!!!

When we moved the first time as a family back in 4 B.L. (before Luke), once was not enough. We moved 2 more times in the next 2 years. ARGGGHHH!!!!
This last move was the hardest. I was still working. The kids spent most of the summer with grandparents (thus, the onset of one really bad case of separation anxiety). John was starting a new job. It was very trying. I don't know how many times we were asked if our relationship was going to survive the move.

I hate packing. After 8 two and 1/2 hour one way trips to Perryville to find a house, we started packing. Not to mention, we made 4 trips moving, one in a U-Haul and 3 with an open trailer. It rained 3 of the 4 days we moved (Guess which day was sunny! You got it....the U-Haul day!) In hindsight, I should have started packing when John got the second interview. But, I hate it, hate it, hate it and I was being stubborn (Know where the kids get it!). Plus, I had to do most of the packing for my parents move as well.

As my brother and I were sharing in the pain and anguish of moving. I said, "I hate it! I don't mind moving. I hate packing." At this point, I blurted out, "I wouldn't even want to move to Heaven if I had to pack to go!" My brother laughed. "You can't take it with you? Thank God!!!!" This is a statement people should not say to me. You can't take it with you!? I just feeling extremely blessed that we get to leave it all here!

Friday, August 10, 2007

How Did That Happen?

Today, as we were driving to Nashville to pick up my last paycheck (YEA!), we came upon a pretty bad wreck in Hot Springs. There were at least 2 and maybe 3 ambulances, 2 firetrucks, and a whole host of police cars. Moriah seemed a bit taken by all of it. She is very sensitive to danger and people being injured and such. We are not gauckers. We didn't look hard but were unable to see the actual cars that were involved in the accident. When we were past the wreck, from the backseat Moriah inquires, "Now, how did all of those ambulances and firetrucks run into each other?" I looked in the rearview mirror at the mess behind me (the wreck!) and could say nothing except "My lord, Moriah?????"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

What is Branson Breath?

Today, as I sit here with Luke giving me "raspberries" and trying to lift my shirt up and saying "Boo-bay," we are watching Spongebob. Patrick and Spongebob thought that people are scared of them because they are so ugly. It turns out that it was Spongebob's Sunday that was giving them "Rancid Breath." This announcement brings from my daughter, "Mom, what is Branson Breath?"

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I had the greatest Mother's Day ever!!! First, we drove to Waldron to visit my mother.
Sunday morning, I was brought a beautiful piece of artwork from my daughter that said I was "the greatest mother of her whole life." I got a cute card from my husband. Then, I heard "Moriah, what are you doing?" followed by "I'm making my mom breakfast for Mother's Day." How sweet!!! It arrives in the bedroom and it was my favorite.........Jelly Sandwich. No peanut butter because it was the "BAD" code. While I was enjoying this very special breakfast in bed, Curly Top enters the room with a big smile on his face, jumps in bed with me, and we watched Little Einsteins together and ate jelly sandwich. I also got a card from the kids...they both signed it...yes even Luke!
We went to church with Mom and Dad and then out for lunch. After visiting Marty (my bro), Theresa, and Marleigh, we drove through Perryville trying to find a place to live.
It was a GREAT DAY!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What's up with that?

Well, babysitter #2 crapped out on me tonight. Yes, tonight! I was to return to work tomorrow morning at 8:00am and went to Walmart this evening. She called around 7:00 and told John it just wasn't working out for her and she didn't want to keep Luke anymore. I got home between 7:30 and 8:00 and John didn't tell me and until about 9:00. Now, I can't go to work tomorrow because I don't have child care. He could have gone and asked babysitter #1 (our next door neighbor) if she would keep him tomorrow for me but he didn't. Oh well! I feel it is too late now and I'm not really feeling too well anyway.