Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Aged 10 Years Today!

Well, it happened today. I knew that it would but you never really are prepared for such a travesty. Luke and I went to WalMart today. It was a beautiful day, slightly overcast, nice breeze, and the smell of rain a'coming.

We had a really enjoyable time. Double clicking on each other. Luke has been playing with a computer mouse. He and I have started "double-clicking" each other; because, what do you do when you want to choose something on the computer.

We came outside and there were two nice ladies picking at Luke. One of them asked me that question that I knew would eventually pass my ears. "Are you his grandmother?"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The very Nerve of Some People

Friday night, we went to Norphlet. It is between Camden and El Dorado. The nicest people that I met all night was the EMTs (See previous statement regarding stories). When I was paying for Moriah's ticket into the game, I stood Luke on the ground in front of me. I handed the lady my money and Moriah screamed "Mom! Luke's in the road!" I thought that it was a little dirt walk way. It was INSIDE the stadium!!!! Out of the corner of my eye I see a car barreling down the path (granted, the young lady driving was not breaking the speed of sound but was too fast for Friday night INSIDE a football stadium). I dropped everything and ran and grabbed Luke. When I got back to the "money box" lady, the little idget told me that she had already given me my change. She argued with me that she had. I said, "No ma'am you didn't! You may have given it to someone else but not to me." She said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Yes I am. It played out like this. You made me pay for my daughter! I handed you a $10. The baby wandered out into the road. My daughter screamed 'Luke's in the road!' Car came, dropped my stuff, ran to get the baby, came back for my change." She said, "Yeah! You're right!" THEN, she handed me the $6 that she was holding in her hand the ENTIRE time!!!!
At halftime, I went to watch the band. We stood bold and proud in our green and gold. We ignored the way they nonchalantly talked about how bad they thought they were going to beat us and couldn't believe they were only up 3 points. When the band was coming onto the field, I went to sit down while I was hold Luke. I totally missed the seat and fell. Luke began to scream. I didn't know if he was hurt or scared. I was unsure if he had bumped his head on the metal bleachers or if I had fallen on one of his limbs. I sat there on the ground with people actually stepping over me. People were sitting in the bleachers right behind where I fell. NO ONE asked me if I was okay, if Luke was okay, or even questioned that there was a middle aged woman sitting on the ground with a screaming baby. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only like 2 minutes. I checked Luke's arms and legs for protruding bones or torn flesh. I checked his head for contusions and/or lacerations. He seemed fine but he was still screaming. I asked Moriah if she would take Luke. Then, I managed to get myself up off the ground and I took Luke back. Still, no sign of concern from the Norphlet people, they just watched in amazement. By the time that I got back to the visitor side, my back was tightening up. Our supt. wife made me go talk to the EMTs to make a report in case I had actually hurt something; there was a report. When we were walking back to the stands, John walks up with the Norphlet band director. So, following proper etiquette and protocol, John introduces me to the young man by slapping me on the back and saying "This is my wife!" If ever I would hit John, this would have been it. But, my back hurt too bad! I guess that is payback for the torture that I put him through when he fell out of the tree and broke his back.
OH by the way, we won the game by 30 points. Who dat talkin' bout beatin' da Hornets?