Thursday, July 05, 2012

Just Rolling With The Flow, Firecracker!

Since we love our new home and we did not want to go to jail for turning it and the entire mountain into a giant charcoal grill, we decided to make a trek to the Rock and enjoy "Pops on the River."  We arrived a few hours before the show to procure an excellent parking spot that would ensure a speedy departure in the impending mass exodus.  We ooh'd, we ahh'd, it was moving.  Indeed, the fireworks were spectacular.  Then, we walked back to our parking spot.

Once we arrived at our vehicle, traffic was already backed up worse than a man with the intestional fortitude to eat an entire five pound block of cheese without an Exlax to be found.  We loaded our gear and prepared to get on the road.  The nice man in the enormous SUV had already gotten into the flow (guess he brought his own laxative).  He was leaving a car length space. Is this not the universal sign for "Come on in, Buddy!"?

That's what we thought too!  But, contraire mon fraire, it is NOT!  John pulled up into the open slot and Enormous SUV Guy lunged forward and showed his displeasure with us.  He said, "You could've asked if I would let you in, you didn't have to just shoot in there like that. You could've asked first."  John, being the natural smart mouth that he is, responded, " I get in?" ESUV Guy, "WHAT?" John, "Ok, can I get in?"

He just sits there glaring at us.  I was smiling the whole time because that's how I roll.  Hard to be intimidated in such a ridiculous situation.  Meanwhile, the parking lot is emptying, kids on bikes, and little old ladies on Hoverounds are passing us. Then, we all knew it would happen eventually, the cars behind him started honking.  After all, it was late and everybody wanted out of Downtown Little Rock as quickly as possible.

At that very moment, a moment I believe he meant to be intense, my 7 year old (who we have begun to call The Shizz for obvious reasons) raised up out of his booster seat in the back and exclaims loudly, "DUDE, you're holding up traffic!!!!" A sister was mortified, a dad goes with the flow, and a mom just keeps on smiling...cause that's how we roll!