Friday, August 31, 2007

A Pleasant Memory!

Something happened this morning that reminded me of a time when I was a child.

It is a cool very pleasant morning. Quiet. Moriah and John have left for school. Luke is still in bed. I was out in the garage (door still up) doing a load of laundry before it got so hot! I heard squawking. I sat the laundry basket down and went to the opening of the garage and just stood and watched. When I was young, I so enjoyed in the Fall when the geese would fly over headed South. I loved watching them; their formation, their noise. It was exciting in a way.

For the last six years, I have lived in places where geese congregated all year long. I loved seeing them and they often flew around town in their formations and trumpeting (more like saxophoning). But, I guess you just learn to take the little things like that for granted. It was good to be reminded of how great God really is!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Something New!

Well, I haven't had to be jump started in front of the school anymore; but, Moriah held out for the riding the bus option. She started yesterday. It's 2 blocks to the corner where she catches the bus. There are 5 little girls in our neighborhood and they all ride the bus. Moriah has been itching to ride the bus anyway and the embarassment of all embarassments happened and that just caused a rash.

She has never riden a bus to anywhere except band trips. It was really hard...............for us! John said he almost cried when she got out of his truck at the corner. Yes, she rides 2 blocks in the truck with Daddy. She walks home in the afternoon.

The 2 of the little girls that live across the street came over to play today. It was nice. Not since we were in Atlanta has Moriah had neighborhood friends to play with. John is even psyched about it. Tonight, we are putting up the air hockey table.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Perryville Band 07 in the Fair Parade

We just got home from the Perry County Fair Parade. Luke was all hyped up about all of the candy he was going to get. Then, the first piece of candy that flew his way hit him right smack in the middle of the forehead. He was done. It was John's debut performance as the PHS band director.

Paranoid--as performed by the Mustang Band

Mustand Band 07 from Fultz N' It and Vimeo.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pix of the First Day of School in Perryville.

Moriah on the first day of school! The sign in front of the Perryville Elem. Luke chillin'

Aw, Mom!

Well, it happened to Moriah today. That thing that all kids fear. Momma came to school and embarrassed her royally.

Perryville Elementary School has a finely tuned system of picking up kids in front of the school. It works well. It is similar to what they attempted to do at Atlanta Primary but most people actually participate fully without venturing away from the process.

The thing is you have to get there early or your child has to wait and Moriah doesn't like to wait; especially when it is 100 degrees outside (and who can blame her).

So, Luke and I start the "leaving the house" process at 2:45. The school is about 4 blocks away. We get there at 2:50. I let the motor run for about 5 minutes to cool the vehicle down. Then, so as to not waste the precious gasoline. I turn the motor off; not realizing that the lights are on.

I sat there in the parking lot of the elementary school for 10 minutes with all of the windows down. There was a cool breeze (as cool as it can be when it is 100 degrees)blowing. It was bearable. I am abou 5th in the endless line of waiting parents. At 3:10 the bell rings, I turn and look at Luke and said "Let's fire this puppy up so it will be cool when Sissy gets in!" Luke, of course, says "NO!"

I reached and turned the key. Wha, wha, wha. "Uh-uh!" Luke or I one said that. I'm not sure which. I ran up, leaving Luke in the car (windows were all down remember), to the "head usher" (for lack of a better term)and said "I have a problem." She looked scared, I guess I probably did too.

I'm new in this town. I just want to fit in. I don't want to draw attention to myself. I just want to live life and blend. So, hear I am, #5 in line at Moriah's new school, in this huge "bus" called the Sequoia............not blending!!!!

I told the lady what I had done. She said, "No, you didn't. This does not happen." I asked if there was somebody that could jump start me. She asked if I could go to the office and tell them to call someone to help me. What??!!!! That will take like forever (is what I was thinking). But, I ran up the steps to the office. Again, Luke is still in the Sequoia (uh, windows still down).

I explained my situation as rapidly as I could. I knew pandomonium was going to break out when that 4th child got in the car and I was not moving. Not to mention, I knew Luke would be screaming when I got back. The secretary turns to the principal, Mr. Magee (whom I have never met but I recognized him because John told me he reminded him of Kirby McCord--if you don't know Kirby too bad...he's a nice guy). They called the maintenance guy.

When I got back to the vehicle, Luke was NOT crying (yea!). One less thing I have to deal with. They ladies loading the children went to get Moriah and put her in the car. She inquired as to what was happening. When I explained it to her, she said, "If you EVER do this again, I will ride the bus from now on." Gee....thanks Moriah....I knew you would understand Mom is having a difficult day.

Tony the nice maintenance man shows up with his power booster. I had jumper cables but this actually worked out better because we got out sooner. While Tony is hooking up his box, Mr. Magee says, "Tony, this is the band director's wife." Now, remember, I had never met Mr. Magee. Tony looks at me grins and rolls his eyes.

After apologizes a gazillion times and then thanking them another gazillion. Mr. Magee stopped the massive flow of traffic to let me back out and go on my merry way. Moriah wouldn't look at me all the way home. The nerve......embarrassing her at her new school, and on the first week too.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

You Can't Take It With You....Thank God!

As we have completed our move but still not totally settled, I spoke with my brother on the phone yesterday about the entire moving experience. My brother and his family moved in October, my parents in May, and our little family unit in June.

I was sharing with my brother about a rebellious Moriah moment that my daughter had. She announced to her dad, "Mom hates it here too!"

I joined in, "No I don't!"

"You said you didn't want to move."

"I didn't want to move. But, I like living here."

We haven't really been here long enough to like or dislike it. It is more like being 'content' with where God has placed you. The unknown is a little scary and I don't particularly care for the changing churchs. The part where you can start over, make more friends, keep in touch with old ones, redecorate (!!!!) is nice and fun!!!

When we moved the first time as a family back in 4 B.L. (before Luke), once was not enough. We moved 2 more times in the next 2 years. ARGGGHHH!!!!
This last move was the hardest. I was still working. The kids spent most of the summer with grandparents (thus, the onset of one really bad case of separation anxiety). John was starting a new job. It was very trying. I don't know how many times we were asked if our relationship was going to survive the move.

I hate packing. After 8 two and 1/2 hour one way trips to Perryville to find a house, we started packing. Not to mention, we made 4 trips moving, one in a U-Haul and 3 with an open trailer. It rained 3 of the 4 days we moved (Guess which day was sunny! You got it....the U-Haul day!) In hindsight, I should have started packing when John got the second interview. But, I hate it, hate it, hate it and I was being stubborn (Know where the kids get it!). Plus, I had to do most of the packing for my parents move as well.

As my brother and I were sharing in the pain and anguish of moving. I said, "I hate it! I don't mind moving. I hate packing." At this point, I blurted out, "I wouldn't even want to move to Heaven if I had to pack to go!" My brother laughed. "You can't take it with you? Thank God!!!!" This is a statement people should not say to me. You can't take it with you!? I just feeling extremely blessed that we get to leave it all here!

Friday, August 10, 2007

How Did That Happen?

Today, as we were driving to Nashville to pick up my last paycheck (YEA!), we came upon a pretty bad wreck in Hot Springs. There were at least 2 and maybe 3 ambulances, 2 firetrucks, and a whole host of police cars. Moriah seemed a bit taken by all of it. She is very sensitive to danger and people being injured and such. We are not gauckers. We didn't look hard but were unable to see the actual cars that were involved in the accident. When we were past the wreck, from the backseat Moriah inquires, "Now, how did all of those ambulances and firetrucks run into each other?" I looked in the rearview mirror at the mess behind me (the wreck!) and could say nothing except "My lord, Moriah?????"