Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Little Black Box!

Most of my blog entries are stories about the kids--things they have done or said that are funny or entertaining. This one is none of that.
The other day I was driving home from Waldron with the kids in the back seat. Moriah was watching a movie (probably Narnia); Luke was asleep or basking in the cuteness that is he. I was in the front (which is good since I was driving). Everything was just beautiful. The grass was green, the trees as well, the sky was blue, and I'm sure the birds were singing. A deer trotted across the road in front of me (in case you didn't know we live in Deer Central; it isn't uncommon to see 20 or more deer from where we turn off at Wickes on 71 to Nashville).
It is so common in fact that I try not to look for them anymore. I figure that if one runs out in front of me and I don't see it; then, I won't swerve. If I swerve, I might miss it but flip the car. This one particular deer, while it posed no danger to us, got me to thinking about something.
What if our vehicles were equipped with the Little Black Boxes that are in airplanes. Then, if an animal ran out in front of us and caused us to wreck, we would have an audio account of what was going on in the car at the time of the accident. Or, what if our heads were equipped with just such a box? What were our thoughts right at the very moment the accident happened? Would we be having pleasant thoughts? WOuld we be focused on Godly things or worldly things? This is more of a "Rambling of a Wandering Mind" episode than anything!! Besides, newer vehicles are already equipped with such a's called ONSTAR!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Sacrificial Pig

Ever had one of those days that seemed like a dream. Not a nightmare but not necessarily a good dream; kinda like you are watching what is going on. Then, when you least expect it, God sends something your way, even if just for a moment, to shock or awe you; or just make you laugh.
One day last week, I was having just such a day. I won't get into the details; most of you already know; prayer brought me through it. I was on my way to Fort Smith with Dad talking to John on the phone telling him what was going. When lo and behold, on the side of the road lay roadkill. Aw yes! Roadkill. It comes in many forms in Arkansas...skunks, snakes, dogs, cats, deer, opossums, birds, and my personal favorite is the belly up armadillo with the strategically placed beverage bottles laying around it. Roadkill in it's self is not anything that would normally cause me a second thought. This particular roadkill, however, was a PIG!!!!!!! Yes, just a lil' ol' Miss Piggy pig laying silently on the side of the road! It made me laugh. Is that demented? A pig gave his/her life to brighten my day?!?!?!?! Thanks! I needed that!