Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I've recently been accused of things that I have never before been accused my face anyway.  And in one particular instance not to my face but to my facebook.  LOL.
I have a job to do and I take it very seriously.  I am a Stay At Home Mom.  My duties primarily consist of paying bills and taking care of my kids (and other duties as the need arises). I am a busy person.
I have the responsibility entrusted on me to pay bills for my family in what may very well be the worst economy since the Great Depression.  I do all of this so my family will have a home to live, water to drink and bathe, electricity to do practically everything, and food to eat.  I do this! I do this with one income brought in by a very hard working husband that goes to work sick or hurting or whatever he needs to do to support his family.  God has blessed me with an amazing man of God who is an awesome husband and father.  He is the primary financial provider and I pay the bills with a tight budget that leaves little or no extra left for extravagance. Together, we try to raise our children with Godly moral values and teach them responsibility.
I have spent most of the Summer with my family.  My kids were not in day care or pawned off on someone else while I went out on adventures with friends, spent money we didn't have or just stayed home by myself and did nothing.
We have attended church as a family, kept an amazing group of preschoolers, done VBS, been to church camp, packed bags for other camps, spent countless hours in prayer for my family as well as others, and been a shoulder to cry on when feelings were hurt by words or actions of others. I apologize if your job or lifestyle does not allow this.
I went to work with my husband.  Contrary to what you may believe, not all teachers are off for 3 months in the summer. It is unfortunate that your husband's job does not welcome volunteer work.
We spent time at an amusement park where I watched my awesome baby daddy teach our son to a wave pool, experienced that first roller coaster ride with one who after years of waiting was finally tall enough, and encourage them to overcome fears of water slides. We floated in the lazy river and rode (or attempted) the waves on a boogie board.  Again, how sad if your life does not allow this type of family fun to happen. 
I attended a baseball game and radio station with some pretty cool Cub Scouts.  I experienced Jump Zone and Discovery with a group of awesome kids.  We went to the zoo and rode the train and carousel.  We went over the river and/or through the woods to grandmother's house(s). We played with friends, laughed, went for walks, or stayed home and relaxed.  We shopped because even grocery shopping is an adventure even though not as fun as clothes shopping.....for us girls anyway.  We watched Olympics.  We went to eat, ordered completely off the Dollar Menu, and fed a family of four for $13(this is unbelievable fun). I apologize if you don't get to do such things with your hectic schedule.
I have non-stop laundry.  Is it all done and put into it's appropriate place? No. Does it have an appropriate place? Yes.  Does it ever make it there? Rarely. Is my house in order?  No. Let  she who is without dust, cast the first stone.  I have adventures to go on and things to do.  Some day you'll wish that you had.
If you tried to call me at any point during this time and I didn't answer my phone, I apologize for that as well.  I keep the ringer off on my phone most of the time.  How would it make you feel if I was talking to you, my phone rang, and I answered it because you were not important enough to me to carry on a conversation with me?  If it is an emergency, keep calling until I answer. If you wanted to ask me something, leave a message.  If you left a message and I didn't call back, leave another one.  Text me.  If you text me with "let me know if you need anything,"  I will assume that if I don't need anything, I don't need to text you back.  My mother is the only person who has a right to interrupt my conversation with another.  All others can wait. 
If you have a problem with me or my family, feel free to come to me.  Having said that, be prepared to face my thunder cookies.  It is not necessary to lie about my family to make yours look better.  If you choose to do so, please don't take offense when I choose to defend the ones that God has blessed me with.  And, while I welcome any and all sincere heartfelt prayers for my family, don't call me unforgiving when I go into defensive stance against evils brought upon my family by others.  I am a mother and shame on you if you wouldn't do the same.  God gets angry and He hurts when His children hurt.  Am I better than he?  Certainly not.  I'm sorry if you view me as unforgiving.
No, actually I'm not sorry.  I apologize if you have been offended by any of my actions or any of my choices in protecting my family.  I apologize that you do not appreciate the "worn out" feeling that never leaves a true stay at home mom who never rests because there is always one more sock to wash, one more errand to run, or one more prayer to prayed. I do not apologize for any of the time I spent with my family.  I do feel sorry for you if you are not rewarded with a career like mine or you chose not to take advantage of it when you had the chance.  I am not an unemployed housewife. I am mother.  Hear me roar.