Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's a MIRACLE!!!!!

Recently, Luke began Puggles at Perryville FBC. In case you didn't know, Puggles is a group in AWANA Clubs for 2-3 year-olds. They have these cutsie little T-shirt uniforms that are baby blue with navy trim. The shirt has a platypus coming from behind the word "Puggles" on the front. It looks great with Navy blue shorts, bright blue eyes, and lots of blond curls.

A few weeks ago, I washed the shirt. As I was taking it out of the washing machine I saw some spots on it. I pulled it out. Mildew stains!!!! All over the front of it!! It had been in the bottom of the laundry basket and wet washcloths were thrown on top of it.

Since that day, I have tried everything from Borax to Hydrogen Peroxide; color safe bleach to vinegar; and other various products. I have tried combinations of the aforementioned products as well; all to no avail. I have spent well over the cost of a new shirt trying to get the stain out. All I have managed to accomplish is the stains are now grey instead of black and one tiny minuscule spot that was not even stained is now white.

I went ahead and let him wear it Sunday night. I had explained to the leaders what had happened. They were very encouraging stating "there will be worse stains than that on it by the end of the year." That may very well be; but, those will be earned stains that Luke made while he was learning about God.

In all of this, you may ask, "Where is the miracle?" As I stand in the bathroom gathering dirty clothes for washing, I look at the pile of washcloths on the side of the tub and the dirty clothes of a 10 year old girl that lay beside an almost completely empty laundry basket(hey, her dad is a band director; not a coach!). All of a sudden, it hits me. "Hey! Luke put his shirt in the dirty clothes!!!!!"

You see God performs little miracles everyday and His wonders never cease!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Luke is in AWANA Puggles here. It is really cute. There are 3 little 2-3 year olds and they learn about light, clouds, trees, flowers, and different things that God made. They ask the children, "Who made the flowers?" The little boys don't usually answer but the little girl always says "God." If we ask Luke at home, "Who made the trees?" his normal anwer is "I dunno" with that sweet little smile.
This morning, Luke and I were watching Dora the Explorer and she was in outer space. She asks "Do you see the turtle constellation?" Luke's patented answer, "No!" "Do you see the chicken constellation?" "No!"
Luke points at the TV and says "Moon, Momma!"
I answered, "Yes Luke! Who made the Moon and Stars?" He looks at me with that sweet smile and proudly proclaims, "Josh!"
"Yes Luke! God made the moon and stars."
Moments pass. "Luke, who is Josh?"
"I dunno."