Monday, October 22, 2012

God Never Fails

As I sit here in my den  trying to figure out how to start this post, tears come to eyes for I'm at a loss for  words. I know that comes as a shock to most  of you. But, every once in a blue moon, it happens.  Even though it  is on rare occasion, this occurs for different reasons. Perhaps the one today, is  the  overwhelming humility I feel at the wise words of my 7 year old son.

Since kindergarten, Luke has struggled with school. He appears to have vast knowledge but for whatever reason will not perform up to what we believe he  is capable. Kindergarten was frustrating both for his teacher and us. We had a very hard year that year. We were in the middle of  building a new home. While that brought unbelievable stress on our family, it was nothing in comparison to what came next. My dad was unexpectedly taken from us at the  age of 86. By unexpectedly, I mean he was in seemingly good health, came down with bronchitis that turned into pneumonia, and after a difficult 3  1/2 weeks of hospitalization, he went to be with the Lord. This was a great shock to all of us. While conferencing  with the wonderful teacher (Mrs. Fallen) that Luke had been blessed with that year, I assured her that if given a year that we were  not building a new home and suffering the loss of a grandparent, I knew Luke would excel. He came around  and did okay for her at the end of the school year and we felt good about him going on to first grade.

First grade, a new year, a new start. I prayed that Luke's new teacher would be a good one. God answered that  prayer as was revealed to us at the Open House/Meet the Teacher Night when it was announced that Luke had been assigned to Mrs. Goodwin's class. We were still not finished with our house for various reasons but planned on being it by Christmas. Luke's year started off slow and he was not looking forward to moving into the  new house. He was 2 years old when we moved to Perryville and the house we lived in, wretched as it was, was home to him. He had no real memories of home before this. Then, again unexpectedly, John's dad became ill. He was hospitalized several times in that year and left us in March.  Another year, another grandfather. This poor child, I can't even imagine what was going through his little mind. But again, much to the  frustration of everyone involved, Luke struggled with getting his classwork done. His grades were not good. Toward the end of the year, he stepped up and did really well with the help of a very special person (Michelle Stell, you know who you are), to whom we are very thankful. He recently told me "Some of my friends in  my class didn't pass 1st grade. I almost didn't pass 1st grade but I pulled it out in the end." :-)

We moved in our new house in December. He has gotten used to it, seems to be home to him. Both grandmothers seem to be doing fairly well. School starts and we are excited about 2nd grade. A new year and new challenges. This is the first year that students change classrooms for different subjects. Let's see how it goes.

School starts and immediately he begins his yearly struggles. Long gone is the excuse of turmoil and upheaval. Everything appears on the surface  to be a-ok. Yet, the same reports are coming from school. He isn't doing his work at school. He is frustrated and exhibiting disappointment with himself . He shows anxiety about anything to do with schoolwork. As a mother, I am so concerned on so many levels.

Then, one day he tells me, "Mom, I love Sunday School." Though not surprised that he would have this attitude toward Sunday School with his amazing teacher, Mrs. Lucy,  I say "Really? Why do you love  Sunday School so much?" He says so sincerely, "Because nothing we do is graded and God NEVER fails anyone!"

Wow! How true! He is 7.

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