Thursday, March 01, 2012

Not Kid Approved!

Took my kids to McDonald's today on a trip home from an orthodontist appointment for my daughter. We were facing time constraints so it was the drive-thru for us.

I had forgotten about the new unimproved Happy Meal. It struck me as odd when my 6 year old yells at the speaker, "I'll have the large fries with that!" The nice young man handed me our food and as is customary, since they have automatic drink fillers now, I got out to take my son's Sprite in to chase it with Dr. Pepper.....because that's how he rolls. We call it an attempted suicide. You experienced folks like me will understand this. If you don't, google "suicide drink." So, anyhow, I get the prince's attempted suicide and return to the truck. It's back on the road for us! My son was whining about not getting what he ordered. I checked his sack and there were chicken nuggets, apple slices, and a very teeny tiny microscopic fry container with just a few fries. I assured him that is what he ordered because God forbid I order him anything with a hamburger patty on it!

All of a sudden, a package of sliced apples flies from the backseat and hits the windshield. My son says in a very discontent voice, "There is NOTHING happy about this MEAL!"

Sliced apples and dollhouse sized fries???? Really??? Mickey D............what WERE you thinking? Did Michelle Obama tell you that you were making kids fat? First, some McDonald's are not putting toys in their meals and now the smaller servings of fries. In my personal opinion, this will make kids fatter. We'll have to start ordering extra fries so they can get their little baby fixes fulfilled. And, no toy? Why is this? So, the kids will actually have to eat the food now instead of immediately playing with the toy, thus making them fatter. Doesn't seem like a good plan to me. Not KID approved!

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