Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Have Visual!

John was attending a band parent meeting and I had to go pick him up. Once we returned to the house, I went to the door and rang the doorbell but stood where I couldn't be seen through the glass on the door. I motioned for John to get back.

Inside the house, I hear both kids running to the door. I hear the lock on the door start to turn (but not completely unlocked) and could see Moriah looking out the window. Immediately the door was locked back. The glass is beveled in such a manner that she was not able to see me at the angle that I was but I moved over some more just for pure dramatic effect. I reached over and rang the doorbell again. I turned to look at John. He grinned really big and took off running around the house.

I could hear the kids talking. Moriah was telling Luke that they couldn't open the door because there was no one there. Luke of course wanted to open the door. He told her it was me. She kept telling him she couldn't see anyone. My phone rang. I was going to carry it on a little longer and not answer my phone. But, the wee one gets the smart idea to raise the shade on the window that I was standing in front of. Luke said, "I told you it was Mom!" My jig was up! I roared at them trying to scare them a little although the only one I scared was the dog. She growled at me AS she was running away....great guard dog.

I'm not sure what John was doing during this time. He may have already set his scheme into motion. I came in the house and turned the light on behind the house. John started shaking the patio door. Luke raised the blind but he wasn't there. Moriah calmly walked to all the doors in the house and locked them all with a smile on her face. John hung out in the dark for a little longer before finally using his key to come in. He thought I was still outside running around trying to scare the kids. Joke's on him, I was already in the house and on facebook before he got the door unlocked. We are so sadistic.

I explained to Moriah that I preferred that if the doorbell rings when just she and her brother are home to call me first. I praised her for 3 things: 1) not opening the door, 2) calling me, and 3) locking her dad outside after she let me in the house. :D


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